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5 FREE Inspirational Summer Mood Boards

5 FREE Inspirational Summer Mood Boards

Achieve the right mood for summer with these creative mood board templates, which are available to download as customizable images. With a range of neutral and versatile textured backdrops and Polaroid-style image holders, these stylish pin boards will help you create a mood for design projects, marketing campaigns, or to bring together an immersive story for social media.

Available in formats for Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, and Pinterest, you’ll be able to inspire your followers with an essence of carefree summer travel, sunshine, and fun.

You can also learn how to customize your templates with your own images and swatches, as well as how to quickly create an immersive animated mood board using our online editing tool, Create.

Mood board template with Polariod-style photos pinned to a black background
Bring summer vibes to your projects with these textural mood board templates.

What’s Included in Your FREE Mood Board Bundle

This FREE mood board template bundle contains five summery images for creating inspirational mood boards, ready-sized for uploading as Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, or Pinterest pins.

Each design contains tactile textures, atmospheric lighting, and empty Polaroid image holders for adding in your own choice of color palettes and photos.

Mood board template with lifestyle and design imagery

Use your free templates to create stylish mood boards for social media or design projects.

Your templates are provided as high-resolution JPEG images. All you need to do is drop in your own choice of photos and color palettes, and re-export the designs as JPEG images, and they’ll be ready for uploading to social media or to use in your design projects.

You can also easily add your own images or download additional images from Shutterstock to add to your templates using an image editing app like Create or Photoshop.

Just place your photos on top of the JPEG mood board and crop to fit the Polaroid.

*Please note that images are not included as part of the download, please refer to the included image list for links to download these.

Mood Board Templates Preview

Below, take a look at the five mood board designs that enable you to showcase photography and images in a stylish and inspirational format. The preview images use suggested photos.

If you’d like to use these photos in your own mood board, please refer to the image list included with your download.

These textural mood board templates have been created for Shutterstock by our friends at Blue Whippet Studio.

Scroll down to preview the FREE template bundle, access your download, and read a helpful tutorial for how to customize your templates using Create.

Mood board template with lifestyle and design imagery
Mood board template with lifestyle and design imagery

TERRACOTTA is a gray, neutral mood board, which is a versatile choice for showcasing lifestyle or design imagery.

Mood board template with Cuban imagery
Mood board template with Cuban imagery

CUBA is a buff and tonal mood board template, which is evocative of sun-baked streets.

Mood board templates with country wedding images
Mood board templates with country wedding images
COUNTRY WEDDING is a pink-toned template with a linen backdrop, giving your images a warm and rustic feel.
Mood board templates with blank color boards and Moroccan images
Mood board templates with blank color boards and Moroccan images
Use the MARRAKESH mood board template to give images a design-led edge, with a super stylish concrete backdrop.
Mood board templates with blank color boards and beach-themed images
Mood board templates with blank color boards and beach-themed images
Mood board templates with blank color boards and beach-themed images
The SURF TRIP mood board has a deep and inky stone-washed background, which allows bright images and colors to really pop.

How to Download Your FREE Mood Board Bundle

Click the button below to download your freebie mood board bundle. Once downloaded, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find three folders containing the templates as high-resolution JPEG images for Pinterest, Instagram Stories, and Instagram posts.

You’ll also find a list of suggested images for bringing your templates to life.

This FREE download includes a license document that covers the ways you can use these clip art designs. Plus, you’ll find a coupon that gives you a 15% off discount on Shutterstock images and footage.

*By downloading this FREE template bundle, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Make a Dynamic Mood Board Using Create

In this quick and simple tutorial, we’ll look at how you can make a dynamic mood board in the online editing app, Create.

If you’ve not used Create before, don’t sweat it. Follow the simple steps below to create a high-impact mood board, even if you’re a beginner to the software.

Step 1

In Create, click File > Create new > Templates. Type “mood board” into the search bar and select a template to customize. Click to open.

Mood board templates in Create editor
Type “mood board” into the search bar to access a wide range of stylish mood board templates.

Choose a mood board template from the selection listed below.

Select a mood board template to customize
Choose a template from the selection.

Step 2

Click on an image on the template to select it. As you can see, there’s already guidance on the canvas to click each image then select Replace image.

Replace images on the mood board in Create editor
Click on an image to select it.

Right-click and choose Replace Image.

From here, you can browse a wide range of stock images to use on your mood board. Alternatively, upload an image from your computer by choosing Replace Image > Computer.

Shutterstock stock photo options
Browse thousands of stock images to give your mood board a fresh look.
Choose computer or stock photo options to replace the images
Both personal and stock photos can transform your design from good to great.
Replace images on mood board
Replace the image with ones from your computer or Create’s stock photo library.

Step 3

You can also change the color swatches on your template to suit your chosen images. Click on a swatch square then click Change Color.

Select a color from the Solid or Gradient palettes, or use the Eyedropper Tool (as we did) to pick up a color from one of your chosen images.

You can also copy the hex code and paste this into the text frame below.

Eyedropper tool to customize color palette
Change the color of your swatches by selecting Change color.

Continue to drag each cell to position as you desire.

Since the text is covered, you can right-click on the photo that covers it, then select “Move to back.” Do the same for any photos to dictate which ones you want in the front or back.

Step 4

Select background color from the change color tab

Once you’ve positioned your images accordingly, simply select your background color by highlighting the layer, then clicking Change color.

We used the Eyedropper Tool again to find a light blue that would make this color swatch pop.

Step 5

When you’ve finished working on your mood board, you can click on the Download button at the top-right of the workspace. Select your preferred file type, then Download again.

Now, upload to your website, social, email, or wherever you see fit.

Download options for finished design
Download your mood board design as a JPEG or PNG.

Your animated mood board can now be uploaded to your site or social media account. Great job!

Finalized mood board design

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