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Blog Home Designer Small Business Owners Checklist Ideas: Get Organized in Minutes
Small Business Owners Checklist Ideas: Get Organized in Minutes

Small Business Owners Checklist Ideas: Get Organized in Minutes

As a business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the numerous tasks and responsibilities that come with keeping everything running. Plus, with all the tools and resources available to you, it can be tough to decide what to rely on.

Sometimes, putting together a small business checklist may be exactly what you need to get on track.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using checklists for small business owners and provide examples of business checklists to improve your workflow.

If you’re looking for a simple system to help you get more tasks done, this is for you.

7 Benefits of Small Business Checklists

If you’re not already using checklists in your business, why should you start? Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  1. Ensuring consistency: Checklists help business owners maintain consistent and accurate task completion, reducing errors and enhancing overall efficiency.
  2. Boosting productivity: By breaking down complex tasks into smaller steps, checklists empower employees to complete work swiftly and efficiently.
  3. Reducing stress: A well-defined plan of action, as provided by checklists, eases anxiety and stress for business owners and employees alike, instilling confidence in task management.
  4. Improving quality control: Employing checklists ensures that quality standards are consistently met, reducing the chances of issues or errors with products or services.
  5. Streamlining communication: Checklists clarify project expectations and requirements, minimizing misunderstandings and miscommunications among team members.
  6. Fostering accountability: Checklists establish explicit expectations and responsibilities, making it simpler to hold employees accountable for their performance.
  7. Simplifying training: Checklists help new employees grasp the processes and procedures integral to their roles. This will help them get up to speed faster.

Examples of Business Checklists to Inspire You

Branding strategy checklist template
Make this template your own in Shutterstock Create.

You can go beyond the common to-do list to make your checklists even more useful. Use this list to get ideas about what can work in your own business. 

Employee Onboarding

This checklist includes all the tasks you need to complete when onboarding a new employee, such as setting up their email and assigning them a place to work or their schedule. 

Social Media Posting

Steps you need to follow when creating and posting content on social media, such as selecting the appropriate hashtags, ensuring alignment with brand voice, and checking for typos.

Content Creation

This checklist includes all the steps you need to follow when creating content for your website or blog, such as conducting research and optimizing your headlines for SEO.

Customer Service

Take note of what to do when handling customer inquiries or complaints, such as greeting the customer warmly and empathizing with their concerns.

Event Planning

Don’t miss a step when planning an upcoming event, such as securing a venue and ordering catering.

Inventory Management

Know exactly what you need to accomplish when managing your inventory, such as conducting regular audits and restocking low items.

How to Make a Small Business Checklist

If you don’t have graphic design skills, don’t worry. You can use online design tools to make your own checklist. Using Shutterstock Create, you can craft your own assets in minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Prepare Your Canvas

Custom size window open in Create editor homepage

In Create, select Custom Size and enter the dimensions for your small business checklist.

Find a Starting Point

Templates sidebar open in Create editor

From here, search templates or continue on with a blank canvas. You’ll have access to thousands of fonts, graphics, textures, effects, and color combinations to pick from.

If you want to start with a template instead, simply click Templates, then search and select one that meets your needs. No matter what you choose, you’ll have access to the same customization options.

Make Design Changes

Text editing window open in Create editor homepage

Click on any element to make your adjustments and see what options are available to you in the toolbar on the left side of the editor. 

Select Your Visuals

Image panel open in Create editor homepage

Update images or graphics to meet your needs by clicking Images or Graphics. From here, you can upload, browse through the photo library, or select from your catalog. 

Download Your Checklist

Download option open in Create editor homepage

When you’re ready to download, click the Download button in the top-right corner and select your preferred format.

From here, you can save the design to your system and decide how you want to use your checklist. 

Digital vs. Printed Checklists: What’s Right for You?

The format you choose for your small business checklist can have a significant impact on how useful it will be to you. Keep these unique advantages for digital and print in mind before you decide. 

Reasons to Choose Digital Checklists

  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective: By going digital, you can reduce paper waste and save on printing costs.
  • Easy updating and sharing: Digital checklists can be quickly updated and shared with team members in real-time, ensuring everyone stays informed.
  • Remote accessibility: Access your checklists from anywhere and on any device, making it convenient if you need to get tasks done while you’re on the go.

Reasons to Choose Print Checklists

  • Tangible: Printed checklists provide the benefit of improved completion rates and better memory of the tasks at hand.
  • No tech needed: No need to worry about technology failures, internet connectivity, or power outages with a printed checklist in hand.
  • Reduced screen time: Printed checklists offer an opportunity to step away from digital screens, which can be a benefit if you’re feeling the negative effects of screens.

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License these cover images via LightField Studios and Shutterstock Create’s Checklist Template.

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