5 Interior Design Ideas & Home Inspiration

Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for the Home

Get inspired with these interior design ideas for your home. Find home inspiration in a style you love!

#Barbiecore Challenges Notions of Female Empowerment

#Barbiecore Challenges Notions of Female Empowerment

Learn more on how this hot pink trend can be a reclamation of women’s rights, while subverting demonizations of the hyperfemme.

The Create Fund: An Interview with Omid Razavi

Photographer and filmmaker Omid Razavi discusses his artistic path—and past—delving into his intimate relationship with art.

The Create Fund: Dean Strauss Illustrates Disabled Life in Bright, Beautiful Ways

Inspired by disabled folks from all walks of life, Dean Strauss illustrates their happy, fulfilling lives through portraits.

The Create Fund: Disability and the Art of Oaklee Thiele

The Create Fund: Disability and the Art of Oaklee Thiele

Artist Oaklee Thiele discusses the “life changing” impact of The Create Fund and her nascent career in stock.

How We Show It: Healthcare Workers

Learn how to authentically show healthcare workers in stock photography. Including pro tips from Shutterstock contributor Beau Lark.

The Create Fund: Jahmel Reynolds

The Create Fund: Jahmel Reynolds

Though he creates futuristic 3D renderings, visual artist Jahmel Reynolds reaches into his past to find inspiration. 

10 Dynamic Palettes for Tech Branding and Logos

10 Tech Color Palettes for Branding and Logos

Color is often the first thing people notice about a brand—even within the tech space. Here are some ideas to make your design scheme pop.

Stock Photography Guide: Girl in Sari

How to Sell Photos: A Guide to Earning Money in Stock Photography

The starving artist life isn’t all that glamorous in reality. Explore this essential guide to earning money in stock photography and find paying customers for your creative work.

Subtle but Powerful: Using Pastel Colors in Your Designs

How Subtle Pastel Colors Can Make a Big Impact in Your Designs

Discover the historical origins, symbolism, and psychological power of pastels, and learn use these ethereal colors in your design projects.

The Create Fund: DeAnna McGrone's Unique Perspective on Stock Music

The Create Fund: DeAnna McGrone’s Unique Perspective on Stock Music

DeAnna McGrone brings her distinct perspective to the world of stock music and hopes to help other nascent creatives along the way.

Free Happy Mother's Day Cards – Printable and Digital Images

Download Free Mother’s Day Cards to Celebrate Mom!

Download five FREE Mother’s Day card templates and customize your own design that you can share both online and in-person.