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Smartphone Hacking: What It is And How To Avoid It

As tech security advances, so do cybercrime tactics, so to keep hackers at bay, a few tips and tricks are required. But don’t worry – they’re super quick and easy to implement.

Let’s look at smartphone hacking and the best ways to avoid it.

Can Smartphones Be Hacked?

Unfortunately, they can indeed.

In fact, cell phone scams now account for more than 60 percent of digital fraud, which includes phishing attacks to stolen passwords, so our smartphones are super vulnerable if left unprotected.

Our smartphones are brimming with sensitive data – emails, messages, photos, financial info, and more, which can be a free-for-all for cybercriminals looking to get their mucky paws on your private data.

Fear not, though. Knowledge is your best weapon against cyber criminals, and understanding the potential threats is the first step towards cranking up your smartphone’s defenses.

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Here are some examples of how hackers might target your smartphone:

  • Malicious apps: imagine scrolling through your app store, looking for the next addition to your smartphone. Among the sea of legit apps are malicious ones created by hackers. These blend in seamlessly by mimicking the appearance and functionality of safe apps, luring unsuspecting users into their trap. Once downloaded, they unleash malware – malicious software designed to infiltrate your device. But that’s not all. Even legit apps can be victims of a cyber attack, which is why your phone needs top-notch security.
  • SMS-based Scams: With the rise of mobile banking and online verification, SMS has become a popular tool for communication. Hackers are aware of this and often send fraudulent SMS messages pretending to be from trusted entities, such as your bank or a service provider. These messages might contain links that, when clicked, install malware on your device or lead you to fake websites designed to steal your personal information. Always be wary of unsolicited messages and never click on suspicious links.
  • Phishing attacks: most of us have received an urgent email claiming to be from our bank, alerting us to an issue with your account. Or perhaps a message arrives, seemingly from a reputable online retailer, enticing you with a limited-time offer. These could be elaborate phishing attacks. Cybercriminals excel at crafting deceptive emails and texts that imitate the communication style of legitimate organizations.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks: we’re all guilty of connecting to a random Wi-Fi network while waiting at a café, airport, or hotel. But did you know hackers can create their own unsecured Wi-Fi networks with names similar to genuine ones, tempting users to connect? Once connected, your data becomes exposed.

How Hackers Target Your Phone

Let’s venture into the dark corners of the hacking world, where malicious apps, phishing attacks, and unsecured Wi-Fi networks are just a few of the tactics hackers employ to infiltrate your smartphone.

Oh yes, there’s more. These tech-savvy tricksters are constantly improving their game by whipping up new methods of outsmarting security measures.

Have you ever encountered an unexpected text link or a dubious app prompt?

These could be lures to deceive you into downloading malware or divulging personal information. Awareness is your shield, so stay vigilant!

What Can You Do to Avoid Getting Hacked?

Having heightened your awareness about potential threats, let’s empower you with the next steps to defend your smartphone:

  • Regular updates: updates do more than introduce new features; they remedy security vulnerabilities too, so keep them up to date at all times.
  • Look out for suspicious links & apps: before clicking on or downloading something, pause. Is it legit? Always stick to official app stores and trustworthy sources to lessen hacking risks.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A good way to up your security is with a two-step verification alongside your password.
  • Strong, unique passwords: ‘1234’ won’t cut it, sadly. Instead, opt for complex, varied passwords and explore reputable password managers.
  • Lock down Wi-Fi connections: For sensitive tasks, avoid public Wi-Fi and consider the shield of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for encrypted browsing.
  • Use a VPN: a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it acts as your digital cloak of invisibility (for the Harry Potter fans out there!). It works by encrypting your phone’s web connection and shielding your data from potential hackers, even on unsecured networks.


You’re now ready to browse the web from your smartphone, threat-free!

Remember, the best way to stay cyber-savvy, and cyber-safe is to understand the basics of protecting your smartphone and never lose sight of the fact that hackers are constantly upping their game, so you need to stay ahead of them at all times.

The trick is to keep your apps updated, never click on anything unless you’re 100% sure it’s legit, pop that VPN on, and trust your gut. It’s never to late to level up your cybersecurity game and protect your phone from cyberattacks.

Stay secure and stay vigilant, friends!

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