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Fixing And Repairing: What To Do If The POS Doesn’t Work?

The Diffusion Of The POS

By now, it is increasingly common to see this type of device in any supermarket and shop: the POS is depopulating in any business and commercial establishment as the most widespread payment terminal to accept customer payments and transactions.

The discussion regarding the characteristics and functions of the POS (Point of Sale) has considerably increased in volume in the weeks that accompanied the obligation for merchants and professionals to equip themselves with this tool, with the annexed entry into force of the sanctions envisaged if one of the recipients of the government measure is found to be non-compliant: the controversy about the non-functioning POS has become increasingly recurring. In any case, this tool can accept payments quickly, effectively and comfortably: three adjectives increasingly driving digitization vectors worldwide.

Digitization Of Payments

The adoption by the Italian State of the POS on a generalized level is only the latest in the long trail of symbols that show the race towards digitization by payment mechanisms. The gradual but equally rapid abandonment of cash is leading millions of people – from the more digitized young people but also to the more advanced social spheres – to adopt cashless and possibly contactless payment solutions: in this sense, the real leading role belongs to several years to credit, debit or prepaid cards, which can be used either by inserting them into the payment terminal or simply by holding them close, and in a few seconds the transaction will be carried out without the need to use coins or banknotes.

Not only that: a series of technological and avant-garde possibilities are being added to this increasingly traditional use today. From integrated payments on smartphones and smartwatches thanks to NFC technology to existing payment apps that can be adopted by shops and points of sale such as Satispay, payment mechanisms today are more varied than ever. In the direction of secure payments as they are verifiable, fast and comfortable.

What If The POS Doesn’t Work?

You may repeat this question several times if your business as a trader or freelancer requires the POS to be equipped, regardless of 30 June 2022, as regards the territory. The payment terminal is, in fact, an object that works tirelessly throughout the day; it is subject to a very high proportion of transactions and consequent mechanisms that must verify and then accept payments: it can therefore happen that sometimes complications arise in its use, defects or the need to replace or change it.

Precisely for this reason, the topic of POS assistance is becoming an increasingly fundamental topic if this type of case study just listed has to be presented: any replacement, repair or maintenance of the POS will have to become, over time, a ‘business faster and more efficient, so that traders and professionals do not have to spend an inordinately long period without having this device.

POS Assistance: Repair And Replacement

Naturally, it is important to go and choose a POS that can guarantee safety and a long span of use, but problems or malfunctions can always occur, especially when the POS has been used for some time. Sometimes, for example, it is possible to find on the POS the failed connection with the credit, debit or prepaid card used by the customer: once it has been proved that the problem is not to be found on the card itself, it may be advisable not to resort directly to the POS assistance but turn off and on the device, which for some reason may have suspended its functionality.

If connected by cable, it may be advisable to completely disconnect the POS from the electricity and data networks so that the device can restore its functions. In the event of more serious problems, such as the device falling, breaking or failing to turn on, it is possible that the POS needs more invasive repairs or even to be replaced: simple maintenance is not enough for this, but it is necessary to resort to the more usual POS assistance, which today is now guaranteed by all those players who are among the protagonists within the market for the sale of these payment terminals.

Therefore, not only the POS can accept payments with maximum efficiency and simplicity: together with the increasingly widespread implementation of these payment devices, but the market is also characterized by services that can guarantee the correct functioning of the POS (Point of Sale), or possibly very rapid repair and replacement of the same. If their use is now essential for millions of merchants and customers who want to pay cashless or contactless, having a properly functioning payment terminal is equally necessary.

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