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FREE Downloadable Summer Social Media Template Bundle

FREE Downloadable Summer Social Media Template Bundle

These FREE Instagram post templates can be used for marketing campaigns or personal posts, giving your social content an instant dose of summer style. The designs are super easy to customize with your own image and text content.

So, scroll down to download your freebie and discover a how-to tutorial for editing your social media templates in Create.

Summer social media templates mockup with beach themes

Showcase your summer snaps or give your marketing campaigns some extra seasonal style with this social media bundle. License these images via DisobeyArt and Worraket.

What’s Included in Your FREE Summer Social Template Bundle

This FREE downloadable template bundle contains five unique template designs for both Instagram posts and Instagram/Pinterest Stories.

Each design comes with a summer-themed background and Polaroid-style frames, ready for placing your own images or photos from the Shutterstock library

Instagram Stories mockup and size suggestions

License these images via, ganjalex, Zamurovic Brothers, and Mr.Louis.

Each template is provided in JPEG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), and EPS format, making them easy to adapt with your own text and images. 

Instagram Post mockup and size suggestions

License these photo images via Sveta Y, Elijah_Sad, Lamyai, DisobeyArt, and Worraket.

Preview the Summer Social Templates Freebie

Each template uses a unique and stylish summer-themed background, from crashing waves to heat-baked terracotta, giving your designs seasonal atmosphere and character. 

Need some styling inspiration? Below are demos of the designs that use photos taken from the Shutterstock library, each of which help to give the design a unique mood. 

Plus, these demos use a free font—Forum—that is available in Create.

Template #1: Summer Mood

This Mediterranean-inspired Instagram template is perfect for evoking a relaxed, summer vibe.

Use a sun-soaked image, such as this one, and combine with a partially transparent flower shadow over the top of your design to bring out its lazy, hazy quality.

Scroll down for tips on how to do this using Create.

Mockup template with summer themes and a woman in a sundress

This template uses a portrait by contributor and a shadow overlay by contributor ganjalex.

Template #2: Summer Escape

We’re all dreaming of far-flung vacations this summer. But, even if you’re limited to a staycation this year, you can conjure up the spirit of days spent on the beach with this template.

Use a natural, relaxed portrait, such as this one, and an evocative shot of a fire pit on the shore for maximum beachy vibes. Overlay a palm leaf shadow for a final tropical touch.

Template mockup beachy vibes and a photo of a man having fun and a campfire

This beach-themed design uses a relaxed portrait by contributor Sveta Y, a firepit image by contributor Elijah_Sad, and a shadow overlay by contributor Lamyai.

Template #3: Summer Dreams

Share your hopes and aspirations for the summer ahead with this ethereal template design. All you need is an abstract, kooky image—such as this lemon balloon—to achieve a dreamlike mood.

Summer template mockup with image of floating lemon on green background

Give your social posts a kooky edge with an abstract image like this one by contributor Zamurovic Brothers.

Template #4: Summer Beauty

The perfect Instagram template for marketing beauty, wellness, or fashion products, this powder-effect design can be teamed with beauty photography, such as product shots and this portrait

As with the first design, try overlaying a delicate botanical shadow for an ethereal, summery effect.

Summer template mockup with image of woman behind a tropical leaf and sand in the background

This template uses a beauty shot by contributor puhhha, a product flat lay by contributor Shyrokova, and a shadow overlay by contributor ganjalex.

Template #5: Summer Memories

Summer vacations are the time for family bonding, school holidays, and making enduring memories. Share your best summer moments using this nostalgic template.

A family portrait such as this one is the perfect fit. Overlay an image of seagull shadows to create a seaside mood.

Summer template mockup with a family photo on the beach

A family portrait by contributor DisobeyArt and a bird shadow overlay by contributor Worraket help to create a nostalgic seaside mood.

How to Download Your FREE Social Media Templates Bundle

Simply click the button below to download your freebie pack. Double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find two folders. One contains templates for Instagram or Pinterest Stories, sized to 1080 x 1920 px, and one holds templates for Instagram Posts, sized to 1080 x 1080 px.

Each folder contains JPEG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), and EPS files.

This FREE download includes a coupon that gives you a 15% off discount on Shutterstock images and footage

By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Edit Your Summer Templates Using Shutterstock Create

You can add images to your social media templates using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, but it’s also super easy to edit and share them online using Create, as well.

Below, we’ll look at how you can quickly add your own text and images to one of the FREE templates and share or download your finished social media image using Create

Instagram Template: Step 1

In Create, click File > Create new > Blank canvas. Scroll or search (CTRL or Command + F) “Instagram” for the Instagram Story (1080 x 1920) preset. 

Click to open.

Instagram Story blank canvas in Shutterstock Create

Then, click Images > Upload from the left toolbar.

Navigate to the download folder and select one of the templates from the JPEG folders.

Here, we’ll add text and images to the Summer Mood design. So, I’ll select Summer Mood.jpg and click Open

Summer Mood template upload file from desktop
Select preferred template, then Open.
Summer Mood template pasted into Create editor
Scale the image to fit the canvas.

Instagram Template: Step 2

Click on the Images icon at the top of the left-hand toolbar. From here, you can search for an image from the Shutterstock library. Or, if you have a specific image in mind, paste the image ID into the search bar. 

Drag the image onto the canvas and rotate to match the angle of the Polaroid frame. For more sensitive rotation, hold down Shift while you rotate.

Note: You’ll have to license the image before use. Once you do, you can edit straight from Create.

Image placement on canvas in Create editor
Drag image onto frame, then rotate.

From the top control bar, click Crop layer. Drag the blue highlighted lines within the white picture frame. Click Apply.

Cropped image layer in Create editor
Crop your image so that it fits just inside the Polaroid frame.

Instagram Template: Step 3

Time to rotate! Simply click the picture, then drag the tall blue handle to drag counter-clockwise. Release to set.

This way, the image angle matches the frame.

Rotate image to fit within the polaroid frame in Create editor
Adjust all sides of the photo to fit within the frame.

You can apply Instagram-style effects to your image using the Effects option in the top control bar. Applying the Tuscon filter gives the image a suitably sun-bleached effect. 

Add Tuscon effect to image in Create editor
Pick the filter that matches the mood of your image.

Instagram Template: Step 4

Click Text > Add text, then customize your font or Create’s various text layouts. Move the text frame to the top-center of the layout, and adjust the Font Size to 125.

Add text to image in Create editor
Click on Text > Add text, then drag it to your image.

Type in your chosen text, then set the Font to Forum from the search bar. Scroll or search it. Use the alignment lines, as well as the alignment properties available on the top toolbar.

Forum font reads "Summer mood" in all caps
Change font style to Forum.

Align the text to center from the Alignment options on the control bar. 

Instagram Template: Step 5

From the top toolbar, you’ll find an underlined “T” with an arrow next to it. Hover over it to see it says, “Text Spacing.” Click to adjust the Letter spacing to 2.0, then adjust font size and placement accordingly. 

Adjust letter spacing in Create editor
Increase letter spacing.

Highlight the text box, then find the Text color option. Choose a standard color from the Solids tab, or choose a Gradient instead.

Here, I’ve applied #CE794F to give the text an earthy feel. You can insert that hex code next to the Eyedropper tool.

Customize text color with brown / orange hex code
Choose your text colors.

Select the text box, then right-click > Duplicate layer and drag the text to the bottom. Adjust the color to white.

White text added to bottom of canvas that reads "Summer Mood"
Move copied text to the bottom of the layout and adjust color.

Instagram Template: Step 6

We can add a shadow overlay to the design to emphasize the summery mood. From the Graphics menu, search for “Shadow” and select your favorite option. I chose Shadow Ivy.

Drag across onto the page, then drag the blue circles to extend it to the rest of the canvas.

Shadow graphics options added to design in Create editor

Highlight the Shadow Ivy layer, then click the Fade & blend option from the top toolbar. Click Blend mode > Overlay.

Added Shadow Ivy overlay to design in Create editor
Adjust Blend mode to create an overlay effect.

Instagram Template: Step 7

When you’re happy with your finished design, click Download, select your preferred file type, then Download again.

Download image options in Create editor
Download your image.

Now, you’re ready to upload your design to your Instagram feed and share with your followers!

Summer templates example on smartphones
Voilà! Your finished masterpiece.

On the hunt for more freebies? Discover some of our favorite freebie bundles below:

License these cover images via Shift Drive,, and sirirak kaewgorn.

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