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Free Funny Animal Clipart Pack | Shutterstock

FREE Funny Animal Clipart Pack 

Discover unusual animals, bizarre beasties, and cute critters in this free clipart bundle! Use this clipart to make cards, invitations, and classroom materials.

From meme-able capybaras, to adorable axolotls, to red pandas, these endearing and funny animals have taken the internet and our hearts by stampede. With a variety of birds, mammals, and amphibians, this quirky creature collection is perfect to surprise family, friends. and followers. Use this clipart to make party invitations, cute greeting cards, email graphics, or animated social posts

These animals and artworks are especially useful as students return back to school. Teachers can add them to their classroom calendars, powerpoint slides for lessons, flyers, posters, and more.

Scroll down to preview the free clip art bundle, interesting tidbits about each animal, and examples on how to use them.

Download Your Free Funny Animal Clipart Bundle

Click the button below to download your FREE funny animals clipart bundle. Once your ZIP file is downloaded, double-click to open your freebie. 

Inside the weird animals pack, there are 22 themed illustrations you can use for your various projects. From beginner to expert, the art bundle is easy to use and comes in file types PNG, JPG, EPS, and AI. 

This download includes a license document that covers how you can use this art.

By downloading this FREE bundle, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

What’s Inside This Free Funny Animal Clipart Pack? 

Cuddly Capybaras 

Cute birthday greeting card that reads "Capy Birthday" and features funny animal clipart of a cartoony capybara

Known as the world’s largest rodent, capybaras have cuddled themselves into the limelight. They’re loved for their tendencies to snuggle with any and all animals, take luxurious yuzu baths, and swim to their heart’s content. They’ve also recently taken over social media memesAdd this clipart to Shuttersock birthday card designs, like the one above. All you’ll need is this animal art and your celebratory spirit!

Platypuses (or Platypodes)

There is no universally-agreed plural form of platypus, and so both of these names are correct. Platypodes are arguably some of the strangest creatures on Earth. They’re venomous, electric-detecting, egg-laying mammals that glow bio-fluorescent green-blue under UV light. In fact, they were once thought to be a hoax when they were first discovered by British scientists. 

Adorable Axolotls

Cute Thank You greeting card that reads "Thanks Alotl" and features funny animal clipart of a cartoony axolotl

Instead of a birthday card, an axolotl is a perfect animal to include on a pun-tastic flyer! Axolotls have become social media darlings lately too, thanks to their unique personalities. Their special superpower lets them regrow their limbs, heart, parts of their brain, and other parts of their body. While they mostly commonly show up as white and pink, wild axolotls are usually brown or black with green-gold specks.

Odd Owls 

Various types of owls pop up on our social media platforms, in movies, books, and across popular culture. With their giant eyes, unique looks, and 270-degree head turning abilities, they are a shoe-in to be meme-ified by the internet.

Red Pandas

Cute birthday greeting card that reads "Happy Birthday, Party Animal" and features a variety of funny animal clipart

Red pandas are almost cat-like, and they go by the names red cat-bear, red bear-cat, and firefox. Their playful nature leads to lots of pouncing, rising up on their hind legs, and wrestling. Interestingly enough, they are not closely related to giant pandas, though they still eat a lot of bamboo. In the example above, you can see how this animal and others have been added to a birthday party invitation for a custom look.

Slow-Moving Sloths

Despite having one of the seven deadly sins named after them, sloths may not be lazy after all. Rather, sloths have simply evolved to do less than other animals. This strange creature spends most of its life slowly navigating tree lines, close to the leaves they eat.

Unforgettable Frogs 

Cute greeting card that reads "You Are Un-Frog-Ettable" and features funny animal clipart of a cartoony frog

Frogs stand out in the animal kingdom due to their variety in colors, sizes, habitats, and sounds. Some frogs can freeze solid in the winter. Others use their eyeballs to help them eat. There is even one specific type of frog that breathes through its skin and has no lungs. With a wide variety of un-frog-gettable quirks, these creatures are truly captivating.

The image above serves as a very cute motivational poster that’s been customized with free clipart.

Water Bears

Water bears, aka “moss piglets,” aka tardigrades are some of the most extreme animals on the planet. These itty bitty critters are less than 1mm long, tougher than nails, can live in incredibly low or high temperatures, and survive immense pressure. They can also go decades without eating food or drinking water. They’ve even survived in space! In this clipart pack, we’ve tried making what’s arguably Earth’s toughest animal a little more cute. 

Keep exploring your interest in animals with even more photos, art, and freebies. These animal-inspired designs will add a fresh look to anything you create.

Want to add this cute animal clipart to your back-to-school content? Check out Shutterstock’s library to find your perfect stock content and templates.

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