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Převádějte online zákazníky, zapůsobte na zasedací místnost nebo oslněte přednáškový sál profesionálně vytvořenými infografickými šablonami Shutterstock.

How to make an infographic
How to make an infographic

Infographics that make learning fun & fresh
Infographics that make learning fun & fresh

Beautiful visual assets and creative intelligence
Beautiful visual assets and creative intelligence

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Tipy a triky pro vytváření poutavých infografik


The Building Blocks of Infographic Design

We’ve reached a point where our attention spans are shorter than goldfish. So, if you’re creating an infographic, it should be as engaging as possible, from the ground-up.

10 Infographic Examples for Students

10 Infographic Examples for Students

Explore 10 infographic examples for students, then learn how to make your own infographic in minutes with these tips and tools.

15 types of infographics cover

15 Druhy infografiky pro jakýkoli design

Infografika vstřikuje život do nudných detailů, protože jsou o 50% snáze čitelné. Šetří uživatelům čas a zvyšují jejich produktivitu. Výsledky vás překvapí ze správných důvodů. V tomto příspěvku na blogu, prozkoumáme patnáct typů infografiky, abychom zvýšili laťku pro váš obsah.

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5 Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in Content Marketing

Infographics remain a valuable form of content. Learn what makes them effective and uncover how to create memorable infographics sure to drive engagement.

Frequently asked questions about infographics

How do I make an infographic look good?

Just as it sounds, an attention-grabbing and effective infographic balances, well, info + graphics. Go for the Goldilocks vibe — not too much, not too little, but something just right to capture your audience. Decide if you want subtle, sophisticated, or a bit more bold and playful. A text effect, texture, or intentional color scheme can elevate information. Graphics can be fun or serious depending on your audience. So long as you have a balance of concrete, data-driven insights with creative and unique assets from Shutterstock Create, you can't go wrong.

How should I organize an infographic?

There are a countless different infographic styles that can help you organize your components. Decide if you're highlighting statistics, a timeline, comparison charts, ordered steps, or a tips list. Once you have a general concept in mind, you can create from there. For example, statistic-driven infographics can be separated by a collage of colored boxes to distinguish one from the next. To diversify the content, create specific boxes for colored graphics so it's easy for the eyes to digest the visual. If you have a comparison chart, use a colorful header, footer, and background with diverse fonts and colored graphics to zhuzh things up while creating cohesion. You got this!

What type of information is best suited for infographics?

You can essentially turn any type of data-driven info into an infographic! Wanna highlight local real estate trends? Go for it. Summarizing the evolution of the stock market? Cool! Comparing airlines? Awesome. Whatever you're focused on, infographics elevate the delivery of basic information.