Design Inspiration

How to Edit Stock Photos to Create Custom Images for Your Brand

Learn how to select stock images and customize photos, so you can create something unique without overextending your resources.

free color palettes inspired by world famous beaches beaches color travel color palettes beach color summer color palettes travel photography nature photography

10 FREE Beachy Color Palettes Inspired by World-Famous Beaches

Beachy colors aren’t just soft pastels. Get inspired by the natural colors of rock beaches, the bright colors of Brazil, and colored sandy spots all over the world!

Elements of Design: What Are the 7 Elements of Art?

Which elements of design are most critical to good composition? Learn about the 7 elements of art to nail your next creative project.

How to Incorporate Mystical Art Styles into Your Designs

How to Incorporate Mystical Art Styles into Your Designs

Witchy aesthetics, zodiac signs, and occult art inform mysticism in design. Learn how to incorporate these elements in your graphic designs.

glass onion murder mystery aesthetic genre murder mystery knives out glass onion aesthetic style art deco agatha christie

Explore 5 Graphic Design Styles Inspired by the Murder Mystery Genre

Dark art, horror art, and mysterious paintings: the murder mystery genre influences so many graphic design styles. Try this guide to alternative art ideas.

What Is Brand Evolution? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Brand Evolution? Everything You Need to Know

Is a rebrand in your business’ future? Learn the basics of brand evolution and how to apply them to your own work.

10 Rare Exotic Animals to Inspire You

From the Fennec Fox to the Patagonian Mara, explore images of some of the fascinating and lesser-known creatures that inhabit the Earth.

10 Dynamic Palettes for Tech Branding and Logos

10 Tech Color Palettes for Branding and Logos

Color is often the first thing people notice about a brand—even within the tech space. Here are some ideas to make your design scheme pop.

15 of the Greatest FREE Art Deco Fonts on the Web

The Best Free Art Deco Fonts for a Vintage Look and Feel

Art Deco style remains a top creative trend today. Here’s a roundup of 15 free Art Deco and Art Nouveau fonts to get the Roaring ’20s style.

All About Purple: Origin, Theory, Design Applications & Color Schemes

Purple Color Schemes, Origin, Theory, & Design Applications

Learn how to design with purple in this complete guide. From color schemes to psychological impact, it’s everything you need to know about this royal hue.

Subtle but Powerful: Using Pastel Colors in Your Designs

How Subtle Pastel Colors Can Make a Big Impact in Your Designs

Discover the historical origins, symbolism, and psychological power of pastels, and learn use these ethereal colors in your design projects.

10 Energizing Palettes for Sports Branding and Marketing

10 Energizing Sports Color Palettes for Branding and Marketing

Ten winning color palettes for sports branding, including a contemporary scheme for tennis brands and a classic Olympics-inspired palette.